Growl Boys web web site that provides sucking, fucking, jerking down, plus some puppy play, furry play, bondage, and kink.

GrowlBoys now has eight series – they call them stories – each with between three and eight chapters.

„Midsemester night of Dream“ has seven chapters, „Stray“ has five and „Lost Boys“ has seven, „a brand new World“ has four chapters and also the latest tale called „Stripes“ has three chapters to date. Each chapter is released as the own upgrade, and the chapters are numbered, but there is no indicator as to just how many others chapters is likely to be coming.

In the 1st chapter of „Midsemester night of Dream“ a geeky, bespectacled twink arrives at college and catches a person’s eye of a jock scholar. The jock that is senior younger pupil, as well as in the procedure the senior’s mind sprouts horns. He is a satyr. Now the twink has received the satyr’s seed and begins dealing with a change of his very own. The day that is next the student appears up when you look at the mirror to note that he is grown big, dog ears. The urge is got by him to jack down and would go to their sleep. Their face will continue to transform until their nose becomes your dog snout. He jerks off and cums all over himself. Weiterlesen