Through the alabaster-white beaches of Bermuda into the north towards the cactus-topped wilderness inland for the ABC Islands within the south, the windswept coves and browsing reefs of Dominica within the eastern towards the jungle-dressed guidelines of Cuba plus the Antilles within the western, the Caribbean is definitely a treasure trove of activities to do and find out

Combining adventure with leisure, centuries of colonial history with enthralling Arawak culture, western Indian spices with European gastronomic flair, honeymooners with mountain walkers, budget backpacker haunts with a few of the very exclusive hotels on earth, its got something for almost any style of tourist.

It is got sets from Cuban cigarillos to magma-spouting hills, and undoubtedly countless airbrushed beaches of pristine sand and shimmering turquoise sea. See you within the rum pubs! Weiterlesen